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Reunion 2012 Recap

As is well known this year’s reunion was unable to be held at Arborfield so Barcelo Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire was chosen as the alternative venue. In keeping with tradition, the 66ers were obliged to find a new venue for the Thursday opener. Many thanks should go to Frank McK for organising accommodation at a very handy location next to the Elms in Lutterworth, especially as eventually he was unable to attend.

Ron (Kim to me) and I made our usual rendezvous at Dublin Airport early Thursday morning.

New Web Site

Hope you all enjoy the look of the new web site - Let me know if you don't!

I've moved to a different platform which I hope will give some more flexibility and ease of editing.  So far I've just copied some of the old content over but I plan to add some additional features when time permits. 

If you have any suggestions please let me know, I'm always open to ideas.  I had thought about directly incorporating the forum but have decided that the current format is working well and conforming to the principle that 'if it ain't broke ...' I shall continue to run both the web site and forum in tandem.